Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kidney Stones

Oh what fun my crazy pregnancy symptoms were that I just had to keep some of them! I had an ultra sound of my kidneys and bladder during my last month of pregnancy due to some issues I had been having. I got a call from the doc just a few days after delivering that it was indeed a kidney stone. I went back to the urologist this month and had an x-ray to see the stones better. Well the doctor comes in the room, puts the x-ray on the lighted board, and exclaims “Holy Moses! Holy Moses!”, pauses to look back at me then to the x-ray again and gives me one more “Holy Moses!”. He clearly does not have a very reassuring bedside manner.
Turns out what he thought was one kidney stone is actually now 3 fairly large kidney stones. He informs me that I will require a surgery to have a stent put in to help them pass so they don’t get stuck and cause an infection. Wonderful. Just what I need with a 2 month old baby at home that I am the only one here taking care of. I think the hardest part for me to accept is that I’m going to have to pump and then throw away my breast milk because of the anesthesia. That just feels wrong. Breast milk is like the nectar of the gods. It seems like sacrilege to even think about throwing it away. (and no I am not one of those crazy women who thinks breast feeding is the only way, use formula if you want. I am too cheap to pay for something that my body creates for free!)
Hubby has 3 days off when I’m having the surgery so that is great. But since I will have to have this stent in for however long it takes them to pass (looking at a month at least I think), and most people only “tolerate” the stent, my mom is coming to stay. I’m glad she is coming and I know she is secretly happy about this whole situation so that she can come visit her grandbaby. Well keep your fingers crossed for me that I am one of the ones who can “tolerate” the stent.

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