Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Update

I seem to be all recovered from the kidney stones. I go for a follow up at the end of this week.

My mom was here for a week and the day she left my dad and his wife arrived. It was great to have them but I am glad to not have any more visitors this week. It was great for my dad to meet Sadie and sad for him to go. Sadie did so well with visitors and running around all over the place while we were on “vacation”. She is such a sweet baby.
Now that I’m feeling better, no more excuses to not exercise. I started a new exercise program yesterday and wow do my thighs hurt today! It is called Mama Wants Her Body Back. It is supposed to be designed specifically to target the areas that moms need work on from the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy. The exercises seemed good, I worked up a sweat and I’m feeling it today. My major complaint is that the increased level of difficultly involved jumping. What breastfeeding mama with her increased boob size and volume wants to jump up and down?? So I will never be able to go past level two difficulty bc ouch no jumping for me.
So I bet you have never heard of Mama Wants Her Body Back. Well neither had I, until the infromercial came on. I was in a daze laying on the couch with Sadie when it came on. Unable to muster the energy to change the channel and intrigued by a program for mamas, I watched. By the second time the phone number popped up I had to order it. Now I tried to blame this on my sleep deprived state and that it was a product for mamas but since then I have wanted to order every infromercial I have seen. Face cream, food processors, baby bullets, exercise videos etc. It is ridiculous. I already have a food processor but I want the Ninja 1100. The baby bullet is basically a small food processor but I want it too. The storage containers it comes with look amazing. I tell myself that since my magic bullet is dying it makes perfect sense to buy the baby bullet. Why on earth would anyone need 3 food processors? I don’t know but I am compelled to order them. Apparently, when Sadie was born my off switch for buying was broken. Is this a new mom symptom that no one talks about?

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