Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cloth Diapers part 2!

So I have become a bit cloth diaper obsessed. Not in the pushy mom, everyone must use cloth diapers, they are the best option way; but just in an obsessed with trying them all way.
I still like the cover systems better than the AIOs (all in ones). They just seem more economical because I can use one cover for like 3 or 4 wet diapers whereas the AIOs need a new one every wet diaper. I recently added some Bummis and Flips to my stash. I have also enlisted everyone I know that can sew to make me my own personal fitted diapers. I am super excited to start getting these from people. It seems ideal, I know exactly what I want and what works best, creatively I can come up with what I want but don’t have to put the effort into making them myself! Haha suckers! Actually I have been toying with the idea of learning to sew and my cloth diaper obsession may be just what I need to motivate me.
Ok, my review of the Bummis:
I got the Super Bright and the Whisper. They are pretty similar from what I can tell. They are both diaper covers, similar to the Thirsties. I like the leg elastics on the Thirsties a little bit better. The Bummis are sized. I got a small and a medium. They are larger than the Thirsties One Size. The small fits ok but my daughter’s waist is still so small that they are a bit large. I sometimes choose them to go over bulkier hemp fitted diapers. I do like the PUL material of the Bummis better than the Thirsties, it just seems to rinse clean easier. I also got a Bummis swim diaper but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. These come in cuter patterns than the Thirsties.
The Flips:
I purchased the Flips One Size with absorbent inserts. They also have organic or disposable inserts. The size of the covers is definitely bigger than the Bummis’ and the Thirsties’. They still fit my daughter ok because they have quite a few snaps to adjust to. The rise is definitely big on my daughter. I look on the bright side that she will have room to grow into them. The cover material is thin which is great, especially in the summer. It also wipes and rinses clean really easy. The inserts are just rectangular, and have lines to indicate where to fold them over for the small and medium sizes. I really like these inserts so far because they seem super absorbent. They also seem to pull the moisture to the underneath side of them and off my daughter. I am planning on trying the disposable inserts the next time we travel.
Inserts and Prefolds:
I have also added a few more prefolds and inserts to my stash. The prefolds are nice because they are folded so there are a few layers to make them absorbent. They are a little work because you have to fold them. Go for the birdseye weave for more absorbency. I also got a few hemp prefolds and hemp fitted diapers. I really like the hemp, it seems more absorbent than just cotton.
Another brand I am interested in trying but haven’t bought yet b/c I did just purchase the Flips, Bummis and a bunch of inserts, is Grovia. I had a chance to look at the Grovia in a store (most of these I’ve just ordered online because there is nowhere near here that sells them). The covers are similar to the Flips and Thirsties. They have the disposable insert option like the Flips. The Grovia seems to one up the Flips in that the inserts snap into place and have elastic around the legs. I would really like to try this style because I think the elastic around the diaper would hold in messes and keep the cover clean longer. This is why I’m super excited to get my home made diapers, I have asked for elastic right on the diapers/inserts. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for me!
There is also a wool option. Apparently wool is super absorbent, doesn’t even need a PUL cover, and is breathable. I did not want to buy the wool diapers I saw because they seemed a bit large and I just don’t care for the feel of wool so couldn’t see putting it my baby’s delicate skin.

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