Thursday, August 4, 2011


The joys of being a woman just keep on coming. Everyone knows that pregnant women are surging with hormones, lesser known is how the hormone levels stay out of control while breastfeeding. I think I was relatively calm during pregnancy, even the hubby will agree with this. Lately though, almost 4 months post birth, I feel like my hormones are more out of control then ever! I can’t keep one emotion in check without completely losing another. Mostly as soon as I’m content with one thing everything else seems awful to me. I get involved with things in Conway to try to settle in, then I can’t stop thinking how much I hate it here and want to move. I was thrilled with starting graduate school, now all I can think about is being a stay at home mom.
I want to make baby clothes, knit and crochet blankets and hats, make baby food, take pictures, and cloth diaper. I love the free time I have to be with my baby and create things for her. I love being up to date on the latest baby trends and researching cloth diapers. I have been entering the Thirsties giveaways each week. Thirsties is one of the cloth diaper brands I use. They are great because I was able to use them early on even when my girl was so tiny that most other brands were too big for her. They are still the best trim fit for her. This week Thirsties is giving away 2 Duo Wraps, 2 Hemp Prefolds, and 2 Duo Stay Dry Inserts. Follow the link below to enter.
My mommy hormones are in overdrive. I love being with my baby girl and taking care of her is the best part of my day. I am going to continue with my plan of starting graduate school for now though. I don’t think altering my decisions now would be the best idea. There are so many moms out there who lose themselves when they become moms. I want to devote myself to being the best mom I can be and I think that means also being the best person I can be for myself. I am going to start school at the end of the month, if after the first semester I decide it is not the right decision for me and my baby I can always rethink it once my hormones have calmed down.

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