Saturday, August 20, 2011

Diaper Destroyer Extraordinaire

Normally I get Angel Baby up at 11pm, do a quick diaper change, then feed her as we lay in bed together. We then drift off to a peaceful sleep. Well tonight her butt had other plans. She destroyed 4 diaper covers before I could even get them on her. She managed to pee on the outside of 3 and poo on the outside of a 4th. I lost count of how many actual diapers we went through at around 5. She is on her 3rd set of pajamas. I now have her diapered up so thick that I just dare her to try to destroy this one. Here it is 1230, we are both wide awake, there are diapers in the wash and covers hanging to dry. Luckily we are both night owls.

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