Friday, August 5, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week

Yay it is World Breastfeeding Week! Wait…just a week? Why don’t we get a whole month? Breastfeeding has been around since people have walked the earth. It is the universal way for mothers to feed their babies, no matter your culture, economic class, or location if you are a mom you have the potential to breastfeed. Yet we only get a week. And who decided this week should be in August? August is the hottest most miserable month, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Trust me I have done both, or don’t trust me and ask any mom who has been through either during August. It is hot enough without having a swollen preggo belly or swollen milk filled breasts and a warm little baby snuggled up to them.

There is a Big Latch on Event going on, see the link if you want some info. I won’t be attending but thought I would share the info. The site also has more info on World Breastfeeding Week. I found out about this from the La Leche League meeting I attended this week. I enjoy going to the meetings for the comradary and socialization. The topic this week was How Breastfeeding Saves the World. A bit extreme perhaps. I’m all for breastfeeding and think it is the best option, but I also think to each his own. Women have their own reasons for choosing how to feed their own child and have the right to do that. I think it is a shame if women choose formula b/c they are misinformed or embarrassed by breastfeeding. That is why I attend the La Leche League meetings, I am in support of making breastfeeding acceptable and common but not to force it on others or demonize formula. I feel like the meetings should end with us chanting “Breast is best! Breast is best!”.
I have not had a problem feeling shy or embarrassed about breastfeeding in public, or felt that it was unacceptable. The first time I was out and about and had to breastfeed was when we were running errands, my husband went to get his haircut and I sat in the car to feed angel baby. I went to the car b/c it was the best place considering the shopping plaza we were at didn’t have a coffee shop or anything like that. The next time we were out and I mentioned that we could stop in a diner so I could breastfeed and my husband responded with “why don’t you do it in the car?”, I gave him a look that said you better rethink what you just said to me before it causes a divorce. I refused to let him be embarrassed about me feeding our baby in public, he has not had an issue since. I am in support of helping other women have this type of confidence.
I love breastfeeding my baby girl and am glad we get at least a week of acknowledgement.

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