Friday, August 26, 2011

Gluten What

I am slowly attempting to go gluten free. This all started because of the Elimination Diet I tried for breastfeeding. I noticed I felt better, less bloated and seemed to have more energy. The energy thing didn’t make much sense because I was sleeping less, so I attributed it to not having any wheat. The Elimination Diet for Breastfeeding is extreme, pears and sweet potatoes and brown rice oh my. Gluten free is going to be harder because flour is in many things and companies add gluten to almost everything as a thickening agent. It is also going to be expensive, $4.39 for 1 lb 6 oz of all purpose gluten free flour.
I made a gluten free pizza crust for dinner tonight. It was edible but not super tasty. I think I should have split the dough into 2 crusts instead of just 1, I don’t think it cooked quite long enough. I am on my second attempt at gluten free brownies. The first were super dry. The second batch just came out of the oven so we will see but I think I put too much oil in them (over compensating for the dryness of the first batch).
I have really gotten into making homemade things. I just need to channel this into cooking and I think I will be ok. Most of the time when I’m eating at home I prefer fresh veggies, fruit and cheese anyway so I just need to stick with that to avoid this nasty, man made side effect of wheat known as gluten.
well they look yummy

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