Thursday, September 8, 2011

A day in the life

I had been warned that I did not want my purely breast fed baby to only poop once a week as some of them do. Apparently, on this one day a week that your baby decides to poop, it is non-stop pooping! I had a small experience with this today. Angel baby had a massive crap this morning after about 3 days sans poo, possibly another diaper stainer. I was glad it was while we were at home. We went out for the morning and ended up using the diapers I had brought along in the diaper bag. I had to run to the bank before we went home. The diaper she was wearing would suffice and I planned to change her out of what would then be a wet diaper when we got home. I pulled into the bank parking lot and no sooner did I turn off the engine then I heard the second massive poop of the day. Normally I would have just changed her in the back of the car but as I mentioned, no more clean diapers with me. I run into the bank to make a quick deposit. Of course there is a line. My turn. Nope. This teller can’t help me and I have to wait for the teller already helping the woman who needs 10 different things done. Finally my turn, I’m done in a minute and back out to the car. We head home, a quick trip as our city is small. Nope. We get stuck at the railroad crossing for a middle of the afternoon freight train. Finally I’m home. I open the diaper and just see a small streak. Oh must have sounded worse than it was. Nope. The blow out is behind her butt. I am ill prepared. Poop on the changing table, poop on the baby butt, poop on the baby foot, and I sprayed the wipe solution on her outfit so that also needed to be changed. This was one of those times when most people are capable of going to the bank and changing their baby without getting stuck behind the longest line, stuck waiting for an on-coming train, and stuck with hidden poop, but not me.

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