Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cloth Diapers part 3

Have I mentioned I’m cloth diaper obsessed? There will probably be a part 4 as well.
I have been using some of the Flip diapers, the regular soaker inserts. They worked pretty well at first. I have been following the instructions on the label which simply say to wash hot and tumble dry on low. I have been drying them on high heat actually though. Suddenly they have started leaking! I decided to test one out overnight. I changed angel baby at about 11 pm and we laid down for her last night feeding. Half way through I realize she has peed through the diaper, through the cover, through her pj’s, and onto the sheets! I get her re-diapered and changed then move on to changing my bed sheets. Ugh. We were up until about 1230-1 am by the time all was said and done and we were actually sleepy again.
I was extremely pissed at the Flip diapers. They are only about 2 months old and should not be leaking. I had to strip them (wash them in Dawn dish soap). It seems too soon to already have to be stripping them. Come to find out ALL Free and Clear can cause build up on them. So I either have to wash them separate, which I don’t have enough of them to justify their own load, not use them, or strip them every other month. It is crazy how all these expensive cloth diapers out there have all sorts of special instructions and limitations that void the warranty. The simple cotton birdseye weave pre-folds I got for 6 for $9 are turning out to be the best option. Cotton- soaks up the messes, wash however you want, dry on high. One down side is that they might not wick moisture off her bottom quite as good as some other materials, that’s debatable though. I can’t wait to learn to sew and start making my own! Any material and care instructions I want!

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