Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home is....where?

We are thinking of buying a house.
When Hubby first mentioned this idea, I cried. It was back in January and I was still in my crying stage of pregnancy, everything made me cry at that point. It has taken me until now to consider accepting this idea. As soon as I brought the subject back up, he jumped on the idea and it feels like we are delving right in.
Mostly as an investment, partly because mortgages are cheaper than paying rent. We also hate this rental house that we are in and the agency we have to deal with. The people who own this house took no pride in their home, there are so many problems and issues that could have easily been prevented. We had to find somewhere to live quickly when we moved to AR. With a baby on the way and two pets, I really wanted a house and not an apartment. There were not many homes for rent. I looked at about 6 or 7 in our general price range. Most of them were built in about the 70’s (and still had the paneling to prove it), had tiny kitchens, and not much living space or natural light. The one we ended up in is bigger than we need but most of the others would have been smaller than we needed. Even knowing that I will have much more time to search the market for a better rental property, I am still not optimistic about what will be available for a family with two pets. We had to
pay a deposit for each of them with this place, and I was informed by two different rental agencies that most home owners would not accept cats. It also seems that the ones that do accept cats are prejudice against dogs, so we are screwed either way.
I am dreading the idea of having to pack everything up and move as well. At least if we bought a house I could rest assured that we would not have to move ourselves again. When we end up moving out of AR it will be because Hubby’s company has transferred him and they will have to pay for movers so I won’t have to worry about the stress of packing.  We have never bought a house before or even really considered it. I’m not exactly thrilled about buying a house in AR but as we are here now I am just trying to deal with it.

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