Monday, April 4, 2011

74 is the magic number

Spring has arrived! I am loving the sunshine and not being freezing on my walks with the dog. I’m not having that much of a problem with the heat during the day. The problem comes in the evening when we have to close the back door so bugs don’t come in and the air flow through the house
decreases. We bought screens for the windows so we could keep them open. (We had to buy some b/c like everything else in this rental house the screens were neglected and full of huge holes.) Even with the windows open though the house gets stuffy. Being pregnant, I not only get hot but feel as if I’m overheated, my skin is on fire, my body suddenly feels twice as big, and I feel as if I’m dying of heat exhaustion.
74 degrees is my threshold. It is like that scene in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise is breaking into that temperature controlled room, he has a thermostat counting the degrees to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. I feel the same way, 73.8; 73.9; 74.0; then 74.1 is reached and the alarm goes
off! I start feeling sticky, overheated, I want to shave my head and soak myself in ice water. Last night I wouldn’t even let Hubby use a blanket over his legs and feet while he was sitting on the couch b/c just looking at it made me hot.

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