Sunday, April 17, 2011

Master's Degree

Well, I got accepted into the graduate program at UCA! I wasn’t sure if I would because I had applied to go as a part time student and the program I applied for usually doesn’t take part time students. The program is pretty competitive too. They only take on 6-8 new students per year. The group I interviewed in had 8 applicants in it, but they only take a few in the spring and then they take on a few more students during the summer enrollment. Which means I was one of only three or four who were accepted out of this first group.

Of course now I need a background check since the program is School Psychology. It doesn’t seem to matter that I had one last year for my job or that I still have my government Secret Clearance. $50 down the drain.
I’m excited to start in the fall. I am thinking of this summer with my baby as maternity leave and then I’ll have to get back to work (or school in my case). The problem is I’ll just be spending money on tuition and a nanny rather than bringing any money in. Wish me luck that I’ll be able to handle it all.