Friday, April 1, 2011

House Hunting

We went looking at 5 houses the other day. A realtor took us around. She was very Southern, she talked incessantly about anything except real estate or the properties we were looking at.
We need to decide if we want to stay in the city limits or move out-a-ways to have more property. The problem with the houses in the city limit are that most of them are in new subdivisions. The houses are all cookie cutter cutouts of each other, they are built practically right on top of each
other, and there are no trees. The good part is that they are new, some are more affordable, and they come with privacy fenced in yards (which we need for the dog b/c she could easily clear a wire fence if she wanted).  The problem with the houses out of the city limits are that they are out of the city limits. That means longer commutes to get anywhere and paying higher prices for utilities. The good things are that we could afford more property, our neighbors wouldn’t be right on top of our
house, and the views are lovely.
Our top choice is a house on 1.4 acres right next to the lake. It is built up on a hill and looks down over the lake. Absolutely beautiful. There were only 2 or 3 other houses on the hill and nowhere else to build right there so we wouldn’t have to worry about it turning into a subdivision. It is just outside the city limits and actually wouldn’t be a long commute for Hubby to get to work but it would still cost more in utilities. It is three bedrooms but we would end up using one of those as a computer/guest/den room, so it is a little smaller than I want. We would need to fence it in and the property is largely sloped down the hill so we wouldn’t have much of a traditional backyard. Oh and did I mention the neighbors owned a goat?

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