Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And all hell breaks loose

Sadiecakes and I had a pretty uneventful night. Hubby was on night shift so it was just the two of us and Sadie enjoyed sleeping in her Daddy's spot instead of her Moses Basket. In the morning, after cuddling with Daddy for awhile, I was changing Sadie while Chad went to sleep.
Suddenly our peaceful night was over and all hell broke loose. I'm sitting on the floor with Sadie on her changing mat and Chad is trying to get some rest. As soon as I take off the diaper my phone starts to ring, normally I could just ignore it but of course it will wake up Chad if I just let it go off. I run to grab it and silence it. Sadie, who is normally a quiet little baby, decides that this morning she will cry through her diaper change. I try to soothe her while quickly changing the diaper. As soon as I remove the diaper she squirts out a fountain of wet poo. It is projectile. It squirts right over her changing pad and onto the carpet and my foot. I can't avoid loudly gasping in shock and disgust. Well with all that in her no wonder she was crying. I clean everything up and get a new diaper. Sadie proceeds to pee on the clean diaper. By this point the dog is jumping up and down off the bed going between me and Chad, disrupting him I'm sure. Third diaper is the charm. We go into the bathroom to throw out the trash, leaving my phone on the floor in the bedroom. Of course now my alarm starts going off so I have to rush back to turn it off. All this in a matter of minutes. Finally things calm back down.
Sadie is on my lap as I write this. She was squirming around in her sleep, I'm guessing because of gas. Then all of a sudden she stops, a very peaceful look comes over her face, then boom, a huge wet sounding fart with what I assume would have been more projectile poo. Time for a diaper change, hopefully it will be uneventful.

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