Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picasso Body

I never had a perfect or ideal body. I always had a some fat and some rolls on my tummy. I did not really have TOO many body image issues though. I would have liked to be more fit, thinner, less fat etc. But I could deal with what I looked like.
During pregnancy I was fine with my body. I actually even liked having my baby bump.
Post pregnancy I can’t complain about the weight because I actually lost the baby weight in only 2 ½ weeks. What I can complain about is the fact that my body now looks like Picasso painted it. I am now an abstract. I have a beach ball on one side and a basketball on the other where my perky C’s used to be. They can also often be seen with machine gun points sticking out squirting bullets of milk all over, take cover. There are chicken wings painted where my arms used to be. A layer of cottage cheese has been added to the sides of my bum.  My stomach roll has drooped and become jell-o gigglers shaking all over the place so that my jeans no longer fit properly. Oh and best of all, Picasso has added some stringy spaghetti looking stripes to my lower abdomen, some women refer to this as stretch marks.
I started doing yoga again today. I’m hoping yoga will suffice as a workout but I know I’ll need to add some strength training and ab work (yuck). I hope that thinking of my tummy as jell-o will help motivate me.

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